Doesn’t your fur-baby deserve the 5-star experience?

After looking for a bed good enough for our special girl Poppy we realised it didn’t exist. So, we made it.

Poppy’s is made from the same materials used in the mattress toppers made by our company for the top 5-star hotels. Now, your best friend can have the same luxury and comfort every day.

What’s It Made From?

There are lots of dog beds for sale. Sadly, not all of them are safe enough for your fur-baby. That’s why Poppy’s does not contain potentially harmful polystyrene beads. There is also no touch-tape, no buttons, no eyelets or sharp objects that could be chewed or swallowed.

Poppy’s is recommended by vets and breeders.

It is filled with the same supportive and resilient fibre used in our luxury microCloud 5-star hotel bedding collection.

Regular dog beds can be difficult to clean due to fur and odors, which can be a challenge for owners. However, Poppy’s bed is designed to be fully washable, making it easier to keep clean and fresh.

Give your best friend the 5-star luxury and comfort they deserve.


Quality Designer Dog Pet Bed made for large and small dogs

FREE Hair Removal Glove With Every Poppy’s Bed

This professional glove removes hair and massages your fur-baby at the same time. It’s a gift with every Poppy’s you buy. The glove is not for sale on it’s own.

We must warn you though your best friend might keep bringing the glove over to you with ‘that look’. But then they deserve it, don’t they!

5-star luxury for your best friend

Hygienic and odourless

Hygienic and odourless

Resists dust mites and fleas

Machine wash and tumble dry

Safe – no objects to chew or swallow

Poppy’s Dog Beds

Every Poppy’s is a complete bed set which includes:

  • The outer velour quilted and gusseted cover
  • The inner “topper” style bed
  • The protective cover for the inner bed

Bonus: Every bed sold comes with:

  • 1 extra quilted cover
  • 1 extra protective cover for inner bed
  • 1 massage and loose hair removal grooming glove

FREE shipping anywhere in Australia

Medium dog beds

108 x 72 cm

Maxi dog beds

125 x 90 cm

No more bed envy

“Now my dog has his own luxury hotel bed, and I have my bed back”

100-night risk-free trial.
We give your fur-baby 100 nights to try it on us.
If they don’t love it then we insist you send it back for a full refund.

What Poppy Owners Say

Reviews from our lovely customers

“Alfie, our Papillon, loves snuggling up on his Poppy’s bed and it also looks fantastic in charcoal grey in our living room! Alfie can be found perched watching the goings on or sleeping on the bed at all hours of the day and night and when he is not looking, our cat can be found reclining there too! The soft outer and plush inner materials make it so comfortable and inviting for our fur babies. We love the bed!”

– Belinda

“Murphy loves sleeping on his new bed. He used it immediately and it is the only one he hasn’t destroyed. Apart from looking plush, it is beautifully designed, comfortable, durable and very easy to clean. We are all extremely happy with this bed and would highly recommend it.”

– Janet

“We have tried so many pet beds, most of them far more expensive than “Poppys”, but none of the others lived up to their claims. This is simply a brilliant, well thought out, and practical product. All our friends are using them too on our recommendation.
Great stuff!”

– B. Miller

“The search is finally over ! At last, a pet bed that I would have designed and filled with all the key points that I need at home and also for my pet cat and dog too. I cant believe the value for money, thankyou Robert and Adele for a truly wonderful new pet
loving product..”

– D. Hogarth

“I machine washed your pet bed several times already as my puppy has accidents. Every time the Poppy Pet Bed comes back looking great and the softness and warmth are just superb. I’m telling all my friends who have pets……. and my vet too.”

– C. Zeigler

“My sister in Australia sent us the “Poppys Ped Bed”. My lovely pet George is ageing and suffers pain especially on cool days and at night. The amazing warmth and softness of the Poppy Bed is beyond my dreams, I can’t believe just how soothing and comforting it is. What an amazing new pet product, it deserves a gold medal .”

– Josianne Cornu

“We love pets but hate dust mites, fleas and other allergens. A clean, allergy free pet bed is crucial for our family as out pet sleeps indoors always. The Poppy Pet Bed is really heavenly in so many ways. Im buying another for my sisters pet too. Thankyou to the Weil family, clearly pet owners who really care.”

– S. Rose

“When I received my Poppy bed in the mail it was like opening a new present at Christmas or on my birthday. The service was outstanding and the pet bed itself is simply brilliantly designed and the quality is better than even my own bedding that cost me the earth !”

– R. New

“Our pet bed from Poppy is perfect for us too. We love to travel to our holiday home often, and this pet bed is perfect as it can be folded compactly and takes up little space. “Winnie” thinks it great too, no crying or barking at night ! She loves her holidays as much as we do.”

– M. Manoy

“I have 3 cats and they just love to sleep on my bed. Thats great for them but a little restrictive for me , This luxurious pet bed is the perfect answer. I now have my bed back for “moi”and my 3 gorgeous cats all now share this scrumptiously warming pet bed. They nestle deep down into the bed and love cosying up in it day and night. And the Poppy’s Pet Bed washes beautifully on the quick cycle. A quick tumble dry and the cats are purring again. This bed is certainly not just to spoil dogs.”

– D. Wiener

“Luxury ! That is an understatement. The quality of the Poppy pet bed is first class, so good in fact that I have purchased, without any hesitation, a set of microCloud pillows and quilt. 5 star luxury and comfort is absolutely the truth, this is the best website I have visited in ages. The secret is out well and truly.”

– K. Clarke

“My dog likes to chew . Poppy’s bed is ideal as there are no zips, buttons etc that can be a health hazard. This one won me over..”

– E. Gordon

100% quality assured

Guaranteed for 1 year against faulty materials or workmanship.

Luxury Dog Bed Recommended by Breeders and Vets