Poppy’s Means ‘No More Bed Envy’!


Do dogs actually like dog beds?

This style of bed is extremely comfortable for dogs of any age. It’s easy to get in and out and has the support they need for a good sleep.

Why can’t they sleep on the bed with me?

They can. But most owners we speak to find it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Dog’s toss and turn and can keep you awake. A luxury bed for them ensures you both get the sleep you need.

What should I look for in a dog bed?

Quality construction. Safe materials that your dog can’t swallow. A guarantee is also important because if you’re not happy you shouldn’t be stuck with it.

Why can’t I just buy a pet shop one?

Unfortunately, pet shops mainly sell inferior quality beds made from materials that are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. For them it’s just another product. For Poppy’s it’s about giving your best friend a little bit of well-deserved luxury.

Are dog beds comfortable for older dogs?

Very if they have the right filling. Older dogs often have arthritis or other conditions that can feel worse in an inferior quality bed.

How firm should a dog bed be?

A good bed has support but also a bit of give for comfort. Beware of inferior quality beds as the filling in them wears down very fast and can become uncomfortable.

Are dog beds easy to clean?

Most aren’t and it means they don’t last long and can get very smelly. Poppy’s has been designed to be easy clean. Every component is fully washable. Excess hair should be removed before washing. The free glove is ideal for this.

Can dog beds be moved around easily?

They are very light and easy to move around to anywhere you want to put them. They are also ideal to take with you on holidays when you take your dog.

How long will a dog bed last?

If well cared for, the Poppy’s bed will give your dog many years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

Our 100-night trial means if you or your dog don’t absolutely love it we’ll refund you in full no questions asked.

Can you purchase spare covers?

This is a great question. Yes you can. If you ever need a new one we have them in stock at all times.

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Is the pet bed ideal to soothe aching joints etc?

Poppy’s was designed to support many different breeds including those that often suffer from joint, arthritic issues.

Should I remove all pet hair before washing?

Yes, to ensure pet hair doesn’t clog up your washing machine. Turn the outer quilted cover inside out to pre-wash.

How do you make sure Poppy’s is comfortable?

The inner comfy and supportive bed is identical to the famous microCloud bed topper used so successfully by luxury accommodation providers. Comfort is critically important as it promotes relaxation, is calming and soothing. This ensures you have a really happy fur-baby.

Does the outer cover repel fleas, ticks etc?

Yes. The outer cover is smooth. Fleas and ticks only enjoy making homes in the shaggy type dog beds.

Luxury Dog Bed Recommended by Breeders and Vets